Hidden Braces from Harmony Orthodontics

Don’t hide your smile. Hide your braces!

No Brackets or Trays Necessary

With your custom treatment plan from Dr. Mathieson, you’ll fall in love with InBrace Hidden Treatment. InBrace’s Smartwire system is personalized for your mouth and designed to gently move your teeth without the need for bulky brackets or trays.

When you choose InBrace from Harmony Orthodontics, you won’t have to deal with those painful monthly tightenings or removable trays — you’ll just enjoy the stunning results.


Practically Invisible

Your personalized SmartWire fits behind your teeth, so only you and Dr. Mathieson know it’s there. With a practically invisible treatment plan, you’ll be smiling all over town.


Results ASAP.

Don't wait a day longer to show the world your new look. You'll start seeing visible results in about 2 weeks that will only get better as treatment progresses.


Free to Live

Dr. Mathieson’s InBrace Hidden Treatment lets you live without the restrictions that come with traditional braces. That means you can eat what you want, brush your teeth like normal, and smile without insecurity.


Less Ick

There are no visible brackets and wires and no stains or aligners to remove and keep up with.


Treatment on Autopilot

InBrace’s personalized SmartWire technology applies a gentle, continuous force without the constant adjustments, so you’ll spend less time in the orthodontic chair and more time in Canton having fun.


Less Pain, More Gain

You’ll see results in less time with less pain since there are no adjustment appointments at Harmony Orthodontics or trays to switch out. How’s that for a hands-free, pain-free treatment plan?

Three Steps to Success

InBrace Hidden Treatment from Harmony Orthodontics uses a personalized, self-adjusting SmartWire that aligns your smile with a gentle and continuous force.

The entire process takes about six weeks and allows our team in Canton to cement the braces onto the backs of your teeth in ways specific to your unique needs. When you visit Dr. Mathieson for your first appointment, you’ll follow these three steps to success.


1. Scan

By taking a series of photos of your mouth, Dr. Mathieson will scan your teeth. Then, our team will create 3D images to personalize your SmartWire for predictable results.


2. Design

InBrace will customize your SmartWire based on Dr. Mathieson's treatment plan for you. Your teeth will start to move effortlessly into place like your treatment is on autopilot.


3. Say Cheese!

Dr. Mathieson will place your personalized InBrace SmartWire behind your teeth, so you can leave the office smiling naturally as soon as your hidden treatment is applied.


Discuss InBrace Hidden Treatment With Dr. Mathieson

If you’re interested in getting a beautiful smile without sacrificing your self-confidence, schedule your free consultation with Dr. Mathieson at Harmony Orthodontics today!